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We Partner With Our Patients

Dr. Galitzin has helped patients with a vast array of hair types, insecurities, and goals. We understand hair loss is a sensitive subject, and at all times we strive to meet your goals and keep you stress-free.

Many patients who come to us want to regain a youthful look and build towards a more confident future. You can plan your hair restoration alongside Dr. Galitzin using our state-of-the-art ARTAS® System. Planning out your hair restoration and then receiving a full head of hair can be an incredibly empowering experience.

Our Revolutionary ARTAS System


What Exactly Is ARTAS?

ARTAS is an incredibly precise device that utilizes advanced technology and a robotic arm to both extract and implant hair. ARTAS is a significant improvement over the use of handheld hair restoration devices. By providing robot-assisted restoration, ARTAS avoids manual human error and gives you the best option to have the hair you envision.

Precision Planning

The ARTAS Studio creates an accurate 3D image model that shows how you will look after your transplant. It also allows Dr. Galitzin to plan and personalize your procedure. As always, your goals come first, and with the ARTAS Studio you are able to make custom modifications to your envisioned hair, which Dr. Galitzin can then execute during the actual procedure.

ARTAS vs. Traditional

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplants utilizing ARTAS have a host of significant benefits compared to the traditional transplant method. ARTAS is more accurate, faster, and more efficient. ARTAS is also more comfortable and has a typical recovery time of just one or two days. Hair transplants using ARTAS look natural and are completed without creating large unsightly scars.

Before and After ARTAS

A doctor who can restore your hair right here in the Atlanta area can sound too good to be true. You don’t have to take our word for it: our restorations speak for themselves.

Before — A patient came to us struggling with ever-worsening baldness and a strong desire to restore their receding hair.
After — Dr. Galitzin used the ARTAS system to provide the patient with a natural head of hair that improved their look and confidence.

Talk to the Atlanta Area’s Best for Hair Restoration


Dr. Galitzin continuously seeks ways to make your restoration more relaxing and stress-free. He offers complimentary consultations for all patients who visit his Atlanta-area office. These are not simple meet and greets: they are comprehensive consultations. He truly cares about your hair and happiness, and from minute one makes every effort to understand and achieve your restoration goals.

He now also offers virtual consultations, so he can evaluate your personal situation over Zoom and you can avoid Atlanta traffic. To request either an in-person or virtual consultation, simply call or write to us now.

Dr. Galitzin, Atlanta's Best for Hair Restoration

Amazing Reviews From Atlanta-Area Patients

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Dr. Galitzin’s Impressive Education

Surgical Residency

Dr. Galitzin learned many valuable lessons on the road to becoming a hair restoration expert. He completed his residency at Maimonides Medical Center, which is the largest healthcare system in Brooklyn. As part of a team that serves over a quarter-million patients annually, Dr. Galitzin saw first-hand how much medical intervention can improve someone’s life.


Prestigious Fellowship

Dr. Galitzin followed up his residency with a Hand Surgery Fellowship at New York University, where fellows are taught cutting-edge surgical techniques. The training Dr. Galitzin underwent at New York University gave him skills that seamlessly transferred to elective hair restoration, which he now performs in Peachtree City as a certified practitioner of the ARTAS System.

Remarkably Affordable Restoration

Dr. Galitzin does not want you to destroy your budget to restore your hair. He is transparent about restoration costs and provides personalized quotes based on the details of your unique situation. Throughout the year he offers rotating special discounts for treatment at his Atlanta office.

Dr. Galitzin is happy to work with you on matching your procedure to your budget. He can work with you on payment plan options if you need to break up the costs of your treatment. To further help patients, he accepts CareCredit® financing, which allows restoration payments to be made in no or low-interest monthly installments. We also accept all major insurance carriers, which may cover hair loss caused by an injury or illness.

Our Hair Restoration Beats Alternative Methods

Topical Treatments

You have probably heard of ROGAINE® and other topical hair treatments. Unlike our hair restorations, topical treatments must be consistently applied over and over and are known to potentially cause skin irritation and rapid heart rates. They also take months to see results.

Prescription Medications

Similar to topical treatments, daily pills like Finasteride must be ingested indefinitely to continue seeing any results. Many patients want to put their baldness entirely behind them. Unlike with medications, they can achieve permanent results with the power of our ARTAS treatment.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy can avoid the side effects associated with both topical treatments and prescription medications. However, there is not sufficient evidence to show that wearable laser devices truly restore hair like our treatment does.

Do You Treat Anything
Besides Hair?


No. Our practice is 100% focused on hair restoration. We do not spread our attention or time among various procedures. Making hair restoration our singular focal point allows us to place all of our effort on improving our restoration abilities and achieving our patients’ desires.

Atlanta Is Happy With Our Hair Restoration

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Photo of Dr. Galitzin

Hair Restoration Institute of Georgia

Joseph Galitzin is a highly trained doctor specializing in the treatment of hair loss. He is:

  • An Allergan Platinum Plus Provider
  • Up-to-date on the latest hair restoration techniques
  • Trained in the advanced ARTAS Robotic Hair Restoration system

Our Peachtree City office is conveniently located to serve patients in Fayetteville, Newnan, and surrounding areas. Schedule your consultation online or call (770) 487-2645 to learn more about how our team can help you achieve your goals.

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