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FUE vs. FUT: Why We Choose Robotic Follicular Unit Extraction

If you concerned with hair loss or thinning, you have a variety of treatment options available to you. Dr. Joseph Galitzin exclusively offers follicular unit extraction (FUE) performed with the ARTAS® Robotic System at his office in Peachtree City, GA. This physician-assisted technology was developed with the patient in mind and is approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration for the safe, effective treatment of hair loss. Unlike follicular unit transplantation (FUT), which removes a strip of hair from the back of the scalp, the procedure does not require stitches or staples. Dr. Galitzin has also chosen FUE over FUT and other traditional hair restoration treatments because it is more precise, efficient, and comfortable*.

Precise and Minimally Invasive

One of the most important benefits of robotic FUE is that it is minimally invasive. In fact, with the aid of a local anesthetic, the procedure is considered to be virtually pain-free.

Dr. Galitzin has chosen FUE over FUT hair restoration because it is more precise, efficient, and comfortable, and achieves the most natural-looking results.

While manual extraction methods use handheld tools to harvest hairs, the ARTAS system uses a patented blunt dissection technique to extract high-quality grafts without major incisions. It also uses intelligent algorithms to identify the best hairs for harvesting and leave the donor area undisturbed.

Negligible Scarring

During robotic FUE, follicular units of hair are removed through small circular incisions in the scalp. These are left to heal on their own after the procedure, resulting in tiny, white scars that can eventually be covered by growing hair. Although the scar resulting from FUT is generally very thin, complications or poor wound healing can result in more noticeable scarring.

Incredibly Natural-Looking Results

During the placement of grafts, ARTAS uses the robotic recipient site making system to leave healthy hair in the treatment area undamaged. The software also allows Dr. Galitzin precise control over hair density, angle, and direction, and he will be guided throughout by your pre-determined, individualized treatment plan. Because there is no strip scar, you can wear your hair at whichever length or style you choose after you have healed.

Our Results Speak For Themselves
Our Results Speak For Themselves

Greater Efficiency

The traditional manual extraction method can be extremely tiring for physicians, resulting in less consistent outcomes and lower quality treatment. The use of robotic technology virtually eliminates the probability of human error and fatigue. This means that the quality of the last graft should be just as good as the first*.

Expedited Recovery

FUT surgery requires sutures, which can cause difficulty sleeping and restricted physical activity for weeks following the procedure. In contrast, patients who undergo FUE are able to return to work and resume daily activities within one to two days of the procedure. Most patients are also able to sleep normally the same night of their procedure.

Determining Your Candidacy

While many patients elect for FUE simply due to the technique’s benefits, your doctor might also advise against FUT for several reasons. FUE is generally the recommended treatment if you do not have enough laxity in your scalp to accommodate strip removal. FUE may also be a better option if you are susceptible to scarring or the formation of keloids. Certain patients, such as athletes who need to perform strenuous physical activity, can also have a higher risk of scarring.

Learn More about Your Options

Robotic FUE offers several advantages over manual FUE and FUT. A large number of physicians have chosen to incorporate ARTAS into their practice because it can help patients achieve optimal results with minimal discomfort. To hear more about our advanced hair restoration techniques, call our office at (770) 214-4724 or use our online contact form.

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